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About Us

Kemio Solutions is an integrated CRAMS (Custom Research & Manufacturing Services) provider offering single point access to discovery services, CPRD (Chemical Process Research & Development), drug production development & regulatory support services & also pharmaceutical technologies to global pharma and biotech companies. Kemio Solutions accelerates drug development projects of its partners and clients with technologies, expertise and capabilities to execute pre-clinical programs, CMC (chemistry, manufacturing and control) for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and drug products, and registration solutions for New Chemical Entities (NCEs), 505b2 and orphan drugs.

Our Values

Integrity, Quality Assurance, Confidentiality, Timeline, Project Management, Client Satisfaction

Our Mission

Accelerate drug discovery, development and manufacturing processes for global Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to fight against diseases.

Our Vision

To become a preferred drug development and chemical services provider to global Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries

Business Model & Competitive Advantage

  • Proven track record in the design and development of practical, safe, economical and scalable routes to a variety of New Chemical Entities (NCEs).
  • Tailored solutions for our clients/partners delivering quality product in an exceedingly efficient manner.
  • Highly experienced team that can offer consultation for planning the most optimal development path and selecting the compound with the highest chances of pre- and early clinical development.
  • Provide products with well-documented chemistry and analytical data to meet clients expectations.
  • Uncompromised attention to maintain total Confidentiality.
  • Collaborate on Pre- and Early clinical development programs on flexible business models including Fee-for-Service, Full Time Equivalent model, Participative models.
  • Strong network of collaborations and strategic alliances with academia and research institutes.

Board of Directors

Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Team

Kemio solutions staff comprises, PhD-level and Masters level synthetic organic chemists. Many have obtained their degrees and training under the guidance of the best-recognized and most-respected academic scientists. Kemio solutions chemists have therefore gained invaluable experience in handling extremely broad array of synthetic areas. Consequently, the company enjoys the benefit of an unusually talented and experienced pool of scientists.



Case Study

Case Study 1

  • 2 Step synthesis
  • Step 2 was a dry reaction using 1.6M n.BuLi.
  • Initially the reaction was done at -78 oC and the conversion was very poor. Several attempts were made to fix the correct temp. for the reaction. Finally at at -20 oC reaction worked fine
  • Synthesis of 1-(2-amino-5-chlorophenyl)-2,2,2-trifluoroethanone was done at 50 g scale
  • Purification was done by crystallization to get the purity > 99% by HPLC


Case Study 2

  • 16 compound focused library was synthesized
  • Compounds were synthesized at 10-25 mg
  • All compounds were characterized by 1H NMR and LCMS

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